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If you like to shop your wholesale yarn at the best yarn stores by weight feel free to start shopping wholesale yarn now. Please browse the below wholesale yarn categories which are based on their wholesale yarn weight like fingering weight yarn & worsted weight yarn etc...

1 SuperFine: Sock, Fingering, BabyA very lightweight yarn used for babywear, socks, and other delicate items.
2 Fine: Sport, BabyA light weight yarn used for babywear, sweaters, and lighter throws.
3 Light: DK, Light, WorstedUsed for baby and light-weight adult garments.
4 Medium: Worsted, Afghan, AranThe most popular weight for knitting and crocheting. An ideal weight for throws and many adult garments.
5 Bulky: Chunky, Craft, RugHeavier than worsted weight, bulky yarn works up quickly and easily for such things as hats, scarves, and throws.
6 SuperBulky: Bulky, RovingA very heavy yarn, about twice as thick as worsted weight.
7 Lace: Fingering Crochet ThreadA very lightweight yarn used for babywear, socks, and other delicate items
8 Other Weights Other knitting yarn with different weights and mostly on sale items

Wholesale yarn store now offers wholesale yarn by Weight in Bulk from 1 to 3 KG per Pack below

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