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Wholesale Yarn Store is your reliable knitting yarn source where you can confidently order and have peace of mind. We are 100% committed to exceed customer satisfaction in all aspects and even following up after delivery. You or your knitting yarn shops and business is our business.


1. Retail Store Shipping and Return Policy


Our shipping service is so fast that no matter where you are in the world, the knitting yarn delivery takes 3 to 7 working days to your front door. (For small sized orders). Shipping is calculated for each item according to thier weight.

  • Shipping cost is $8.99 per Pack / Lot and currently it is free, unless specified. In case of returns the shipping fee will not be refunded. Incase of returns of free shipped items, a restocking fee of $8.99 per pack / Lot will be charged to the buyers account and deducted from the refund.
  • We are offering optional express shipping for $11.99
  • When buying two Packs / Lots or more you will get a $3 discount on each extra Pack / Lot.
  • Orders take 1 or 2 Business days for Packing & Handling after payment is received
  • Orders that are shipped by regular mail usually takes 2-3 weeks to be delivered, in some rare cases and due to custom delays it take up to 5 weeks.
  • Orders that are shipped by express mail usually takes 3-5 business days to be delivered, in some rare cases and due to custom delays it take up to 10 days.
  • If by mistake buyer gets a different item, we can replace it, we can make a refund, or we can make a credit for future purchases.
  • The pictures and detailed technical information (fiber content / color / skein length, etc.) of the items ordered will be supplied to the buyer.
  • Yarns can be prepared in buyer’s labels and packaging if certain volume and lead time is met. Similarly, they can be prepared in cones.

2. Wholesale Yarn Shipping and Return Policy

Many companies have at one point tried to start a business. Many others have been successful in getting a business going, and then have tried to expand and grow that business. All of them need a consistent and reliable source of products to sell or manufacture. Finding that source of product is the first corner stone that old and new companies face, and product sourcing is a painful process and expensive. Wholesale Yarns Store simplifies and streamlines that process for the emerging market of many companies starting and/or growing a business.

Transportation of products half-way around the world from our factories plays a big role, and the costs are a significant factor in the over all cost to our customers. Since some yarns are considered as low value cargo, shipping is an important issue, but it will never be a hassle with Wholesale Yarn Store. We always do it as simple as possible and cost effective for our customers, so we lowered our minimum order quantities to as low as 50KG or 110lb for most of the high quality and expensive yarn, and as low as 500KG or 1100lb for cheaper yarn, and that’s due to our aim to exceed customer satisfaction, steady shipping volume, and advanced booking. Please contact us regarding any quantity needed we will do our best to help you. There will be a lead time of at least 20 days before shipping when placing a new order. This lead time is not needed in case of rotational or repeat orders. Our origins are Canada, USA, Turkey, China, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia. An estimation shipping price varies between 1600$ and 2400$ US for 20 ft container for products from Asia, which also takes about a month to Canada or USA. Please also note that after you place an order through our website we will contact you to confirm the exact cost based on the products you ordered and their origin. Our prices are F.O.B prices and does not include any shipping and/or custom duties, such costs are on customer account. Each country has it's own custom rates, please always check with your country customs. For example in Canada lots of yarn are custom duty free.

All our knitting yarn products are 100% inspected and certified with international standards, we can also supply samples if needed and requested by the buyer upon placing any order, and before starting the process of an order, to avoid returns. Any order cancellation after that will be on the buyer's account based on the stage of its production. But buyer may wish to appoint an inspection agency to assess the progress and quality of an order. All costs of such inspection will be to buyer's account. The procedure for inspection may be decided prior to placement of an order and the same be intimated to us to avoid any future ambiguity because products cannot be returned after shipping.  Any loss or damage to the items ordered on us till the time the consignment is loaded on board on overseas marine vessel is our responsibility, after that we advise the buyer to obtain insurance of consignment during transit, because it will be the buyer sole responsibility, and all cost on account of insurance, so preferred by buyer, will be to buyer's account. Wholesale Yarn Store will of course follow and arrange that.

For any knitting yarn shops Ocean and Inland Transport inquiries, please don't hesitate to place an order and we will get back to you with all the details required. We will arrange special shipment to your business doors.

Again wholesale yarn store welcomes all knitters and knitting yarn shops and will be glad to supply you with the best and quality knitting yarn at discount yarn prices.  



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