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We are specialized in producing the one kind 100% Yarn. Wholesale Yarn Store can spin high quality yarn. We welcome you to our product variety of all kind quality materials, the prices below are based on semi-worsted count NM 2/28, 2 ply 71gr per 1000m or 140lbs per 1000yd, please click here for other specifications or special orders  

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Note: Minimum order per item is 50KG or 110Lbs and if you are looking for smaller orders kindly visit our retail store


NOTE: Order Quantity is MINIMUM 50 KG or more per item

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100% Cotton
100% Modal
100% Tencel
100% Soybean protein fiber
100% merino wool
100% Lamb wool
100% Camel hair
100% Dehair angora
100% Cashmere

Note: Looking for another 100% yarn, our Special Order form is here, and we will produce it.

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